#1 Online Annual MT4Professional Market Scanner Workshop - One week after

One week ago, we had the #1 online annual MT4Professional market scanner workshop! How was it? What did we cover? What did we learn from this experience? Which are the plans for the future? Are there new courses or workshops on the roadmap?

#1 Online Annual MT4Professional Market Scanner Workshop - One week after

Which was the topic of this workshop?

This interactive workshop was the first-ever workshop we organized. In fact, until now, we only managed one-hour webinars.
This workshop was also essential to us to learn what you want and how we can increase the value we give to you.

First of all, thanks to all the participants who joined us in this insane adventure! It's been fantastic analyzing your strategies and your configurations, improving them together sharing ideas and suggestions. Thanks for being so participative and for the precious time you dedicated not only to MT4Professional but above all to yourself and your trading.

This workshop was a totally online event in this covid period, each of us with a different time zone, worldwide from the West Coast to the Middle East. It's been really great!

We are hoping to organize again such a wonderful workshop, maybe in person!

Claudio's workstation

How was it? What did we cover?

The main topics covered in this workshop were:

  • Trading Today and Market Scanner
  • Market Scanner Advanced Demo and Q&A
  • Using complex custom indicators and building an indicator bridge
  • It's up to you! Let's analyze together your strategies
  • Exclusive Market Scanner Tips & Tricks

As we'll see in the next sections, we learned that we have to perform some minor changes in the agenda, but the participants liked the topics explained.

This workshop was completely interactive as a small in-person class (we limited the maximum number of participants). The interaction was continuous. In every moment, every participant could share its screen, its video, or start to talk to ask questions. Of course, this doesn't mean that it was something where everyone talks over each other, creating a noisy environment since everything was regulated, but that if someone had a question or doubts, he could ask it, showing its use case.

What did we learn?

This workshop was an experiment for us. It was our first time doing so, and everything could have gone worse. Fortunately, it hasn't, and the final survey results proved you liked and enjoyed this kind of workshop.

However, we learned there are some improving areas where we have to work to make it better next time, which topics have to be analyzed deeper and require less time.

We also think those who participated in this workshop now can significantly improve their market scanner skills. The parts of the workshop that were more appreciated were:

  • Exclusive Market Scanner Tips & Tricks
  • It's up to you! Let's analyze your strategies together.

The first point is essential because it allowed people to make some things they never thought would be feasible with the scanner, improving not only performances but capabilities and at the same time reducing the configuration complexity.

The second point is important because everyone had the time to clarify every doubt he had during a long interactive section. During this section, every participant could share his screen and ask for help to analyze together his strategies and build a dedicated configuration.

The interaction was the "core" of this workshop. It was not just a Q&A session but a continuous interaction. Every person can speak at any time to ask questions. But not only this, everyone could share his screen and ask for info for his configurations and strategies. Not just technical questions like "how can I add an indicator?" but trading questions like "How can I do to check a cross for this custom indicator? Does it make sense from a trading point of view?".  The interaction was the capability to ask questions and share the screen and the fact that every person could try to reply with its solution to verify everything was clear, like a real and in-person class.

However, we learned that one day could not be enough for some topics: some people expressed the need of courses about specific topics. See the next section to learn more.

Thanks again to all participants who made this workshop such a success! We talked about the core topics, but the real core of this workshop was you! Without you, everything is useless.

Here what Bruno G., a participant of the workshop, said:

"I've used MT4Professional for the past 4 years...Their latest upgrade is mind blowing: So much more powerful, more intuitive and more user-friendly, it's become a trading assistant you can learn in a few hours...Last week through their full-day live coaching webinar, I discovered many more incredibly valuable tips that further enhance our user experience...I realised that the sky's the limit to all you can achieve with MT4Professional...Bravo Randy and Claudio, we can never thank you enough."
Some of the partecipants in a virtual photo

Plans and roadmap for the future

Since the workshop had a big success and verified it was very useful (for this was a sort of test), we decided to make it regularly, at least one time per year. Due to the covid period, we'll do it online, but we may be in person in the future, or why not hybrid? Some people in person and other online?
If you want to preorder your seat, you can do it from the same registration page used for this aired event.

We have known some of you are interested in learning more in-depth some topics we covered in a few time during the workshop.
We understood that to cover them more in-depth dedicated courses are required. People showed great interest in various topics. Topics related to the market scanner such as "advanced market scanner tips and tricks" or trading topics such as "advanced trading strategies knowledge" but also MT4 programming skills such as "MQL programming".

For that reason, we decided to create a dedicated and non-vincolated survey to express your ideas to know which are the most relevant to you and consequently create a roadmap.

Stay tuned! In the next weeks, we could start to provide the first courses.

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