The first MT4Professional 3 update

After 3 months we released the first patch version of MT4Professional. In fact, there were a few minor issues discovered by you in these months. So we waited to collect some of them to perform only one patch. Let's see together what changed.

The first MT4Professional 3 update

What is it?

This update called v3.0.1 is a patch release, which means it mainly contains minor fixes.

We announced it about 2 months ago however, we waited until now to release it since MT4Professional had very few issues πŸ™‚ so we waited until we had collected some issues to make only one path release.

In this path, we fixed all issues you have reported to us. We always encourage you to report any kind of issue (even if you are not sure it's an issue report it to us), we always want to do better. To report them just type our support.

Briefly, these are the main points:

  • Windows scale MT4Professional panel issue fixed
  • MT5 version stability improved
  • MT5 version minor fixes
  • Custom indicator minor fixes
  • Better errors management
  • Configuration without scanner rule feature (capability to load a configuration without scanner rules)
  • Synced crosshair minor fixes
  • General minor issues fixed

Let's analyze them together!

Windows scale MT4Professional panel issue fixed

If you set windows scale, the version 3.0.0 automatically adapts itself except for the scanner panel, which does not proprely set its sizes. So you needed to change the size manually or use the horizontal scrollbar. Now, with version 3.0.1 you do not have these issues anymore.

Windows scale

MT5 version stability improved

MT5 versi0n now is more stable ad faster using better multithread capabilities, now the scanner is so fast it seems it doesn't work πŸ™‚.

EMA & Price preset configuration on MT5 with MT4Professional 3.0.1

MT5 version minor fixes

On MT5, we performed minor fixes for some minor issues which caused minor errors like wrong indicator value or other minor issues with custom indicators.

Custom indicator minor fixes

There were some issues with custom indicators on MT4 which in some situations caused wrong alert errors (an alert which tells "Indicator not found"). Now there are no more wrong error alerts.

Better errors management

Error reporting has been improved, this allows us to immediately know which the causes of the new errors are and immediately fix them.

Configuration without scanner rule feature (capability to load a configuration without scanner rules)

Now you can use a configuration without scanner rules. This is useful if you want to open only workspace charts for different symbols with one click without scanning the market.

Configuration without scanner rules

Synced crosshair minor fixes

Now there are no more issues with synced crosshair if you add more than one "MT4ProfessionalChart" indicator or if you enable/disable the synced crosshair, previously these behaviours caused some minor issues (however just a configuration reload was enough to solve them). Now these issues are completely fixed. Other synced crosshair minor issues were solved.

General minor issues fixed

Other minor issues were solved, something you may have not directly noticed but you benefited from, for example, better software stability.

Roadmap update

In the next months, we want to continuously improve MT4Professional with new features and ideas but...

...We need your help! We need to know which are the best features you want to be developed; please propose them, don't be shy.

After we have collected some ideas, we'll launch a contest where you'll vote your favore ideas to be implemented in the next releases.

We'll plan our roadmap according to the most voted features, your votes and your ideas are important. You'll be one of the creators of the next MT4Professional πŸ™‚.

We'll continue to keep you updated on MT4Professional news and lots more... stay tuned!

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